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What is the best golf swing instruction book?

I’ve always kind of cycled with my golf swing, especially with my driver. I can only hit my driver straight every so often and I’ve never been able to use a 3 or 4 iron. Does anyone have any suggestions on good books that could help me out with my swing and perhaps all aspects of my game?

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any golf swing trainer that really works?

Smart Path Golf Swing Trainer at

The Smart Path Golf Trainer will help improve various aspects of your golf swing. This video with Hank Haney will demonstrating the Smart Path. PGA Pros & PGA Teaching Pros know that the Smart Path golf swing trainer provides immediate improvement and lasting results. Maximize your distance, Correct hooks and slices, Eliminate fat and skulled shots. The Smart Path will quickly help you achieve optimal ball flight. Golfers of all abilities will be able to find simple and easy ways to create a great golf swing with the Smart Path golf training aid. Visit for the most complete selection of golf training aids.

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Hank Haney Golf Tip – Swing Plane

Hank Haney helps you improve your swing plane. Visit for all the latest. Subscribe now!!!

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what should be the specific or standard lie angles for my height and for my 2 plane swing?

i have had this set of irons for quite sometime now and several people have mentioned that the lie angle of my irons are too upright for my height (i’m 5′ 6) what should be the specific or standard lie angles for my height and for my 2 plane swing?

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The Golf Fix: Swing Plane Drill

The Golf Fix’s Michael Breed helps Ken swing on plane with help from a clothes hanger. Watch The Golf Fix Mondays 8 pm ET only on Golf Channel.

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what is the difference between an one plane swing and a two plane swing?

i found out i have a two plane swing, i just want to know the difference, my instructor explaned it to me but i did not really get it

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What part of my golf swing should i focus on to hit the ball clean consistently?

I know you have to hit balls till your hands bleed but should I concentrate on ball placement or swing tempo or wrist movement or swing arc or body position….maybe the question i should ask is what should i focus on first….i have played golf for years and have found some clubs im comfortable with….id like to hear what has helped other casual golfers improve their game….THANKS!

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The prac rite golf swing trainer Golf-swing-trainer for use at the home or office anytime to build confidence in your swing and consistent ball striking.

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How can i build my own golf aid “super swing trainer”?

I’ve seen the Super Swing Trainer; essentially a pvc pipe constructed circle on a specific geometric angle that, when swung along gives you the feel of the proper swing path.

I want to try and build one myself. Where can I find plans? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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