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Jeff Ritter – Swing Plane – Up and Around

Jeff Ritter demonstrates how simple swing plane can be with the proper understanding of sequence.

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How much torque (N m) does a golf swing put on the average person/Tiger’s knee? What can I compare this to?

As is obvious to anyone who has seen Tiger swing a club, he puts a tremendous amount of torque on the knee he is getting surgery on. I am wondering if there are exact measurements as to how much torque people, particularly Tiger, put on their knee during a golf swing. As I am relatively unfamiliar with physics, I would also appreciate a comparison of that measurement to something understandable.

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Jeff Ritter – Swing Plane – Sleeve Tuck

Jeff Ritter demonstrates a simple tip so effective it will seem too easy to be true!

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Golf Swing Trainer Clubface Golf Simple Golf Tips – Lengthen Your Drive and Shave 7 Strokes off your Next Round This is a revolutionary new golf swing trainer that will teach you the perfect grip and swing for a square clubface and perfect impact position. This product will correct your slice or remove the bad habits causing hooks in your game. The patented color coded grip and color matched shaft sheath provide both a physical orientation to the grip and a visual connection to the position of the clubface throughout the golf swing. Because of Clubface Golf’s color coded system, golfers understand the grip-to-clubface position-to ball flight relationship on their own. The results are amazing, but yet fast and easy.

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which swing plane should i have?

should i have a backswing that is more vertical and make it flatter on the downswing or should i have a flatter backswing and have it vertical on the downswing?

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golf swing with left foot open?

Bout 3 wks ago,i was playing basketball n rolled my ankle TWICE really badly
it wasnt swollen or anything but very sharp pain

i went to go see a trainer/therapist twice but it didnt help that much (he thinks my ankle muscle tissue is torn or something, and only surgically reparable?)

bt, obvisouly thnks to cold snowy chicago weather i dnt hav 2 go play on the field bt the season is right around the corner!

ive been practicing in the dome few times, and i realized that i cnt rotate my left ankle fully cuz it is PAINFUL. (even collapsed once)
so only way i can swing fully is by opening (about 20 degrees) my left foot lik driver swing

does this affect my swing? shot? ball flight? or anything?
and if it does how do i have to get it right?


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how do I fix an out to in golf swing and reduce my slice?

I have a slice and I have been trying to correct it, I know I have an out to in golf swing but I don’t know how to correct it and make it in to in. If anyone has any training methods or tips, please help lol.

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Swing Plane Drill

Derek Hooper the Director of Instruction at the Hank Hank Haney Golf Academy at Lake of Isles gives you a great swing plane drill that you can do at home or at the range that will help you improve your swing plane and help you become more consistent.

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I am a beginning golfer. I would like some drills to correct my swing plane when driving the ball of the tee??

Bad slice. Little distance on tee shot. Would like distance. Often tee off the box with a 3-wood. Any simple drills for the backyard are appreciated. I use a ten-finger grip (baseball grip). Should I interlock?? Iron shots are manageable and sometimes good.

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Smart Path Golf Swing Trainer at Simple Golf Tips – Lengthen Your Drive and Shave 7 Strokes off your Next Round The Smart Path Golf Trainer will help improve various aspects of your golf swing. This video with Hank Haney will demonstrating the Smart Path. PGA Pros & PGA Teaching Pros know that the Smart Path golf swing trainer provides immediate improvement and lasting results. Maximize your distance, Correct hooks and slices, Eliminate fat and skulled shots. The Smart Path will quickly help you achieve optimal ball flight. Golfers of all abilities will be able to find simple and easy ways to create a great golf swing with the Smart Path golf training aid. Visit for the most complete selection of golf training aids.

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