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Does a person’s height have anything to do with the distance of the golf ball?

I am a petite woman with custom clubs and I have noticed that my friends who are all over 5’7" can hit the ball longer and higher than I can (they can hit 150 – 200 yards yet I am lucky to get 75 – 100). I understand that I have a different swing plane but would this affect the distance or is it something else?

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Golf swing plane training with wonderswing

Second Step. Vertical Axis

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How to improve golf swing mechanics ?

I’m beginner golfer. I want to know how to improve golf swing mechanics ? Can bring useful tips, suggest video, dvd and something else can i practice ..

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Assist Golf

Assist Golf

Squaring the Golf Club at impact, the rotator cuff and Golf Fitness

We all know the clubface must be square at impact and the club versions later. In general, a lot of mechanical movement Golf Center in returning the clubface to square at impact. Furthermore, the golf swing is a body 'Total' movement that incorporates all the joints of the body. In order for the clubface to square at impact of all these joints should work in coordination to allow this to happen.

In relation to the body, specific muscles are very active in returning the clubface square. A group involved directly in squaring the clubface at impact with the golf ball is the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is a ball "and" joint decision allowing the arms to move through a wide range of motion. Review of the biomechanics of the golf swing becomes very evident arms move through a full range of motion.

That said, there are specific muscles involved in the rotation of the arms. Again, these were not the only muscles involved squaring the club face, but the anatomical standpoint, these muscles are active in external and internal rotation of arms during the golf swing.

Returning to the club face square, internal and external rotation of arms is necessary. To get an idea of the internal and external rotation, just lifting his arms hanging at his side. Rotate your hands inward and outward. This is a simple description of the internal and external rotation of the arms. Now if you relate to the movement of golf swing you can see how weapons internally and externally rotate during ascent, descent, and move on.

Certain muscles in the shoulder has a complex effect direct internal rotation, external rotation and stabilization of the shoulder complex in the golf swing. The muscles we're talking about are the cuff muscles rotator. Yes, the rotator cuff.

Not necessarily one group of muscles that go "hand in hand" with the golf swing and probably more thinking when we talk about baseball and pitching. However, these muscles are active in a golf swing. The rotator cuff is a reference to the four muscles shoulder complex. For those of You who love the science behind these things, the four muscles that form the rotator cuff are: supraspinatus, infra-round minor and subscapularis.

The rotator cuff has some basic functions when the shoulder complex. First, action to stabilize the shoulder capsule. The structure of the skeleton and the shoulder is a ball joint. The making of "part of this set is very shallow. As a result of muscle rotator cuff and muscles of the back side "of the shoulder to help stabilize the back during movement. Simplification say that these muscles help keep the arm in the socket. If the rotator cuff muscles does not help stabilize the shoulder, arm, literally Remove every time a golf club.

On Second, these four muscles are actively involved in increasing internal and external rotation of the arms. All movements are involved in the swing courses. After distancing and complete follow-up through the rotator cuff muscles are active in all phases of the golf swing. That said, we know the rotator cuff muscles are stressed everyone in the golf swing.

It is important to understand the rotator cuff muscles are very small. They are the large muscles such as quadriceps and deltoid. They are very small muscles needed for a plethora of activities. Because of the size and workload imposed on these muscles. They may tire easily. A When muscles are fatigued begin to fail in fulfilling their required activities. Also because the muscles are fatigued, can easily be injured.

During my years of touring, I never saw anyone hurt a rotator muscle swinging a golf course. I've seen rotator cuff injuries prevent a golf swing, and if you've injured a rotator cuff muscle injury you know how debilitating it can be. The point is this: the rotator cuff muscles are actively involved in the golf swing. Deterioration of the rotator cuff muscle can be very debilitating for your golf swing or any other activity for this case.

Knowing what we know about the mechanics of the golf swing, the rotator cuff, rotator cuff function, and how they affect the balance Golf. This information tells us that, invariably, it is necessary to maintain strong and healthy rotator cuff. How can one achieve this? Simply adding a program of incorporating golf fitness rotator cuff exercises.

Rotator cuff exercises focus on these four muscles. These types of exercises will take place higher levels of strength and endurance within these muscles. This will help handle the load of these muscles work imposed on them during the golf swing or athletics there. Thus we recommend that if you are an avid golfer or a weekend warrior. Add a bit of golf fitness and rotator cuff exercises to their training program. This will help keep it in play and banking.

Sean Cochran

About the Author

Sean Cochran is one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors in the world today. He travels the PGA Tour regularly with 2005 PGA

Matzie Assist Golf Swing Trainer at

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Useful Information on Orlando Holiday Apartments and Hotel Accommodations

A must see when you stay at an Orlando hotel or vacation home. As it slogan says, Disney World and its Magic Kingdom is the “Most magical place on earth.” Visiting this park will give you the chance to be a kid again and enjoy meeting popular characters such as Mickey, Belle and many others.  Orlando, the capital of pop music, is also known as the Hollywood East due to the numerous cinematic enterprises of the area. Home to numerous theme parks and tourist attractions, this bustling city is the perfect destination for a family vacation.

Animal shows that include killer whales and seas await tourists from all ages at Sea World Orlando. At sea world you will spend a day full of unique experiences while you come in contact with marine life and environments. Book an Orlando accommodation and let the magic of this place enchant you.  If you are a physically active person these attractions will certainly call your attention. Reserve anOrlando condo rental and test your limits at a racing car track or watch amazed the colorful Orlando landscapes while embarking on a Balloon ride adventure.

Here is a few trip planning techniques for when you choose to go to Orlando.  Orlando is a very big destination with a lot to do as well as attractions to check out.  To avoid last second decisions or having to pay higher costs, you need to prepare.  Make time to plan your vacation, precisely what travel spots you must go to, who you would like to get together, where exactly you would like to settle, best restaurants to eat, as well as shop.   So once you are able to get to Orlando, if you’re going with kids, you should also arrange for certain frequent household emergencies.  If you’re vacationing with an older person or young children, if they have to take some special medication that needs to be under refrigeration, be sure to contact the particular lodge to verify you’ve got a freezer or fridge readily available.

Outlined here you may discover some outstanding lodging options for your future holiday getaway in Orlando Florida:

Orlando Vacation Pool Condo – This Orlando vacation condo is located between the pool and the lake over which you are able to see the fireworks at SeaWorld. High Speed Internet along with HBO is included in the price the unit also has its own washer/dryer. There is also an open air market with a supermarket and restaurants within a very short walk for all your needs. Vista Cay and the Isles of Cay. An upscale gated family community is adjacent to the Orange County Convention Center across Universal Blvd to Rosen Shingle Creek’s world class public golf course! Within 2 miles of Sea World and its new water park AQUATICA – 3 miles from Wet N Wild – Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, City Walk! Just a block from the popular International drive with Pointe Plaza is about 2min away, and you can access it from Universal Blvd, Magiano’s, Bahama Breeze, Capitol Grille, Johnnie Rockets, Imax, Regal Theaters, and Wonder Works are there, along with a host of other shops and smaller restaurant with live music.

Disneyworld Vacation Condo – This 1206 sq ft Orlando vacation condo can sleep up to ten guests. It features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. During your stay at this vacation rental in Orlando you can enjoy full amenities, brand new furnishings and appliances, and a convenient location. If you are ready to spend the vacation of your dreams… contact us and book this Orlando vacation rental now! We will be happy to answer all your questions.  Guard gated community. Great views of Disney nightly fireworks and pool. Walk to everything. On premise sundries shop, clubhouse, tennis courts, work out facilities, game room with billiards, arcade, media center and kids playground.

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Orlando vacation condos

Help with Swing Analysis?

I was wondering if there is any kind of FREE software out there that I can use to upload videos and basically draw lines on it? I don’t need anything designed specifically for golf (they tend to be $$$$) I would just need something I can open up a video on my computer with and put alignment lines on to check things such as my positioning and swing plane. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

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Pro Lag Golf Swing Trainer Demo – Hit it Longer! Rick Timm, PGA

Demonstration of the best golf swing trainer in the world…The Pro-Lag. Creates the “LAG Effect” which every Tour Player does and allows you to hit the golf ball farther. Check out the website at Invented by PGA Teaching Professional, Rick Timm. Also check out the “Talent Code”. This product trains your body to duplicate a professional golfers swing. Look into” Deep Training” as well. Good Luck!

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Driving Net

Driving Net

Make money for the drive Q & A

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You get paid to drive?
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More Get paid to the unit visit

About the Author

The Net Return – Golf Video

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The Essentials of Sport Golf Accessories

Golf is definitely one of the most popular sport today. Sport golf accessories are a must when playing golf. The popularity of Tiger Woods has definitely proven this. However if you’re the type who enjoys golf very much, you cannot stay in the sidelines. You need to gear yourself with the perfect golf equipment and golf accessories and start with the games.

Putting more attention on purchasing quality clubs is advised. If you are beginner in a new sport such as golf, then you need to give your best. Using the best golf clubs you will be learning and playing like the pros. Though not of the same caliber, but you will not have any reason about them having an advantage because of the best tools and accessories. A good ball putter, for example, would help you master your putting. It would be better to choose among the different Ping putters sold today. With such a trusted brand, you will surely be getting the best quality. Make sure that you give your equipment appropriate care though. It is never advisable to have them laying around just anywhere. You should instead keep them organized and protected with quality club protectors. You should also always put them in club holders or in a club bag too.

You should also consider the part. Although golf apparel may seem that it’s just an accessory, it’s crucial that you are comfortable every round. Accessorize yourself with quality sunglasses as protection for the eyes and to have a good view when the sun is glaring directly on you. Of course, it’s already understood that you wear quality and comfortable golf shoes for you to be ready to be on the go always. For better sight protection, visor is also recommended. A cap can also be a good protection for your head.

Of course, tees and a divot repair are also one of the basics. You should have these two whenever you go for a round.You may already know tees help keep the ball steady and secure when hitting for the first swing. The divot repair tool, however, helps fixing the chopped off surface of the grass. This is very crucial as it could greatly influence your stroke and the travel of the ball.

The various accessories have been influenced by the new technology of today. Golf GPS is now sold to help see the hole more clearly. It will give you the accurate distance as well. With more gadgets to help you, golf is surely becoming more fun and exciting.

Golf – Arm Speed Drill on the Swing Plane

Measuring to the ball correcly allows the swing plane to establish for each specific shot.

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