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Iron Dual

Iron Dual
Federico: Dutch colonial master suite features updated kitchen, this Dutch Colonial is about Hood College in Frederick. Dormer faceplate and gable of a sloping roof give this house to the west of the Hood College campus all the hallmarks of a classic colonial Dutch.
Sintered Iron Dual Disc F-350

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Trainer Golf | Golf Swing Trainer Build Confidence and Perfect your Timing Pinpoint and Focus on your problem areas Increase Distance, Consistency, and Accuracy Lower your Handicap for further information, simply visit:

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What is the best way to stay planted during a golf swing?

The way i swing, I tend to bend into my weight shift and then I over correct it and top the ball. I have no idea on how to fix it. Also, i have a wicked slice!

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Looking for a good golf training aid.?

I have trouble squaring the face at impact and coming in on a good swing plane. I plan to take lessons but would like to see what else can help. I am considering the ernie else system or the inside approach. Does any one suggest one over the other or even anything else? Thanks

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Swing Plane

Talking about hitting and the myth of the downward swing plane.

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Reduce Your Score with the best Swing Guides

Everyone seems to be on the lookout for the most effective golf swing training assist that can straighten out that slice or make the ball stop like a dime when it lands on the green. And are there loads of them out there just waiting for you and your hard-earned money. You can find footprints that can show you how to stance, specially designed golf balls, contraptions that maintain you still as you duplicate that good swing and plenty of mechanical devices. There is also a full complement of movies, DVDs, books and diagrams, all assured to shave photographs off your score.


Some of these educating aids are nice and some are full rip offs. The secret is to decide exactly what part of your game you need to enhance and then discover a teaching support that focuses on that particular golf skill. Then, use the darn thing. Not simply on your approach to the course , but arrange a day by day schedule and follow it. Possibly its only for ten minutes, but that is fine. Merely put, golf swing training aids help your body memorize the correct muscle movement as you swing the golf club. The more you repeat the exercise, the faster your brain will retain the action and ship the plan alongside to the appropriate muscle groups. The PGA professionals didn’t develop their nice golf swings by accident. All of them spend thousands of hours swinging all of their golf golf equipment in each doable situation they will expertise on the golf course. That’s why is seems to be so easy on Sunday afternoon.


Most amateurs are keen on golf teaching aids that target the actual golf swing. Nonetheless, a coaching support that works on your driver, most likely won’t assist make that delicate chip shot a few toes from the cup. They’re completely totally different golf photographs and use different muscle groups. Due to this fact, it’s best to shop for a coaching assist that particularly addresses the particular part of your golf game you need to improve.


Earlier than shopping for, do some research. The most effective place for that is online. Google golf training aids and begin to take a look at a number of the web sites that present up in your browser. Don’t get drawn in by the hype. Bear in mind, you are simply gathering information. The buying comes later. Is the location, simply selling, or do they provide useful details about enhancing your golf recreation and particular reasons why their product will remedy your problem. A great place to get info is the FAQ page. If the web page does not have one or it’s stuffed stuffed with hype, go someplace else.


Make sure the website is just not a one product wonder. Credible online golf coaching support internet sites provide a wide variety of golf educating aids. This allows you to know they are professionals and serious about their business. Finally, see if any “title” golf professionals endorse and even higher, take part in creating and presenting some instruction with their coaching aids. The women and men have a reputation and simply aren’t serious about selling a training assist that will not help the golfer.


Lastly, make sure there’s a good instruction manual or video that comes with the golf membership coaching aid. Nothing is worse than not fairly understanding how it works and then finding out it was getting used incorrectly.


Whatever golf training aid you choose, persist with it. Believe in it and above all follow with it.



When researching a golf swing guide, take a look at the final movement of what they want you to do with it or you will discover how to break 80 also, try new the simple golf swing review site.



Club Swing

Club Swing
Funding may limit the swing dance nights in Douglas Park Swing in the Park is back in the afternoon, but organizers are not sure how time.
Hot Club Of Detroit ‘Swing One’ video

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The Perfect Golf Swing Though The Perfect Setup

The perfect golf swing can only start with the perfect setup.

Your setup affects absolutely everything in the your golf swing – bad setup = bad swing, good setup = good swing , it’s as simple as that.

It has been claimed that ninety percent of swing faults originate from setup. This can be good news, though, because if you setup right then you will be 90% there!

I recently came across a very little known setup routine , by following this routine you will be able to have a good golf swing. This setup can result in the perfect golf swing.

Why? I hear you ask. Well, because this routine sets you up just like the worlds best pro golfers. How do I know that? Well, I’ve got video sequences of the worlds top golfers that I can check this setup routine against – and it’s correct every time.

So what will this golf swing setup routine do for you?

It will…

– Get you the perfect distance from the ball

– It will give you plenty of room to work in, between you and the ball, so you don’t get all cramped up

– It will help prevent going ‘over the top’ the biggest problem of the slicer

Instructions For The Perfect Golf Swing Setup

This perfect setup routine should ONLY be used on the practice range , I don’t want you getting banned from some big competition ! Any significant change must be practiced – you should never make significant changes to your golf swing during a round. Work it all out on the practice range , check that it works, then implement it. Only introduce this perfect setup on the course once you can get the right distance from the ball without laying your club on the ground.

Remember a perfect setup = more chance of a perfect golf swing

Choose the club you plan to hit the ball with. The following instructions are for a 9 iron through to your long irons:

Firstly: Lay the club down on the ground pointing away from your body, that’s from your body when stance alongside the ball in your normal stance, towards the ball.

Secondly: Now move the club head (which should be closest to the ball, away from your body) so that it is on the other side of the ball. So as you look down to the ground you will see the club shaft running away from you with the club head wrapped around the other side of the ball.

Thirdly: Now move yourself to the ball and put one finger width space between the ball and the clubhead as it is laid on the ground.

Fourthly: Now move back to the butt end of the shaft.

Fiftly: Now take up your stance but this time line up the back of your heels with the butt end of the club. This now sets your feet the correct distance from the ball.

Lastly: All you need to do now is keep you feet on the line you’ve set them and pick your club up and address the ball.

To see this setup routine graphically illustrated with a simple graphic then click on this link: Perfect Golf Swing Setup Routine

Now you can really start enjoying your golf.

Happy golfing

golf: two swing plane?

im a fairly inflexible guy can barely turn my shoulders to my right foot, jst all round tight. i was wondering if having a one swing plane is that important , i ‘ve always tried to correct my two swing plane (over the top,sorta like fred couples, john daly), but my body inhibits my from doing so and i end up hitting bad shots but if i use my old two swing plane i can hit fairly descent shots. im in a real dilemma whether to keep trying to change my swing to a conventional one swing plane or jst stick with my two swing plane, it’s getting to me because i never can get good practice on the range since im always changing my swing so i want to stick with one. thanks

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The Basics for a Good Golf Club Grip

A main ingredient in starting a good swing with your golf clubs is having a fundamentally sound grip on the club. There are several things required for a good grip .

First, is the wrist and forearm strength , stronger being better. Some methods to increase the strength of your wrists and forearms? It can be done with a simple exercise with your club. With the last three fingers of your left hand, and hold it out straight in front of you. Then, move the club up and down using only the wrist. Do this 10 to 12 times, with each hand, and three times with one minute rest in between. That exercise will strengthen your grip and it will enhance your shot distance.

Second, look at your fingers. Most beginning golfers hold the club primarily in their palms which limits wrist action, decreasing power and feel in the club. So to increase power and the amount of wrist pivot, the golf club should be placed more in the fingers . You’ll see better results as it will provide more feel and longer tee shots.

Third, do not grip your golf club too tightly . On a scale of 1 to 10, the ideal grip pressure is around 5 or 6. Tight muscles will reduce the shot distance. Keep all your efforts athletic, not stiff.

Fourth, inspect the “V” between your thumb and first finger , as you look down, your left hand’s first two knuckles should be visible, the “V” formation should be pointed toward the right shoulder, and with all these, perform a drill by pointing the “V” toward your chin or near the right shoulder using your right hand. Practice with this and you will see better results.

Fifth, if you have small hands or weak wrists , use the baseball grip meaning you use all your 10 fingers in gripping the golf club.

Sixth, if your hands are of medium sized, use the interlocking grip. In doing this, you have to lock your hands together to hold the golf club.

Lastly, if your hands are large, use the Vardon grip or the overlapping grip. This is actually the grip that most golf professionals use. It makes use of the fingers instead of the palms in gripping the golf club.

Remember these golf grip tips every time you play. See the difference as you compare your old ways to these new techniques. It would be good to keep in mind that the condition of your grips is important. Once they get shiney and loose their tackiness, they should be replaced. New grips and installation equipment can be purchased at any golf equipment dealer, look online at stores that sell discount golf clubs.