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S3GTS Golf Training System Shape Swing Score with Tom Cavicchi Coil Swing Trainer

S3GTS Golf Training System Shape Swing Score with Tom Cavicchi The Coil Swing Trainer Provides Feel in Sequence, with Tempo and Rotation. The gathering of energy from the Coil allows for proper Lag without Slack. Coil Training Shapes, Plane and Path that allows the Club to Fall in Sync with the Body. Once you feel the power coming from ground that flows around and through, you will be able to form an intention of swinging in balance with rhythm and speed.

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What happened to my golf swing?

I just started playing golf this year (13 yrs old) And in a few months I had an ok swing and could hit the ball pretty well with iron. My dad and I go to the range every week, and this week we went and i couldn’t do anything. I kept topping the ball, missing it, or sending it into the wall of my range space. What is this??? How do I get my swing back? Do I have to start all over again? Im swinging worse than I was when I first started. Could someone help?

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How do I stop my pastor from trying to coerce me?

His name is Bishop Eddie Long and he bought me jewelry, a car, a big screen TV, and plane tickets to Hawaii in exchange for… sex. What should I do?? I don’t swing that way!

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Nick Price Iron Swing Plane Something is off on this shot. See if you can catch it … shank!!!

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Discussing the Golf Swing

For more information see

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Steve Elkington using a Small Swing Plane Board

Here is another angle of Steve using the small Fex Ex Box for his takaway and impact.

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What is the best way to start a golf swing?

A lot of great golfers start their swing with someting. jack pushed his head back. Player pushe his right leg in. Ernie has a forward press and so Tiger has a slight forward press also. I am a 4 handicap why do they do this if I were to do any of these things how would it help or would it not help at all.

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Net Large

Net Large
What does "red" means that when you order large quantities of a product?

I was talking with a manufacturer in a promotion product, and when I asked how much they cost, said net income of $ 0.77. Said then $ 0.70 for a "G". What does this mean?

"Net" refers to the price of the bottom line after all the deductions, etc. I do not know about a G – maybe you are offering a better price per unit if asked thousands of them? Miles used to be called great, or G.

Net Neutrality, Corporatism, Big Brother and You

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Fix Your Golf Slice

Most often , the sliced golf shot is one of the most unpleasant things on a golf course and can make it almost impossible to shoot a good score . Conversely a ball that is struck well and flies straight is very gratifying .

There are a great number of “quick” fixes for the slice, offset club faces, stance changes, etc. But, most often, the quick remedies do not correct the slice on a permanent basis . Slicers must dig deeply to see the basic reasons for the slice.

What Causes A Slice?

Simply put, it’s because the club face is open at the time of contact with the ball . The open club face provides the spin that causes the ball to travel to the right (for a right hand golfer).

How can one fix a slice?

Many different swing flaws can be responsible  for having an open club face……swing path, grip, stance, timing, ball position, to name some. The problems can be complex and many golfers just give up and learn to play the slice. However, if you are serious about learning to hit the ball straight, or even draw it, there is a ton of free information on the internet that will help you. My suggestion is that you start there and read everything you can find about the slice. Read the good offerings twice each to be sure you understand it all. Also, look for the free videos that are available, they may help more than the written word. There are many videos that are published by good golf instructors. Gradually, as you read and look at the videos, you will start to assemble a solid mental image of a more correct swing.

Now, armed with this new knowledge, make a video of your swing. You can do it by yourself, but it’s easier to have a friend do it while you swing. Video footage should be shot a.) from behind your swing, looking the direction of the shot, and b.) looking directly at the front of your body. Then, study the video to see what swing flaws you have. You will quickly see the adjustments that you must make.

If your budget allows, consider purchasing a good set of instructional videos by a good instructor. You can find such videos in sporting goods stores, golf shops and many online retailers that sell golf clubs, discount golf clubs, and other golf equipment.

Is it always inappropriate to include even a modest note about my registration with my invitation inclosures?

I live in California and am getting married in Mississippi. The majority of my guests are older and are not internet savvy, so they haven’t even seen my internet site that I include on a save-the-date. Most of the major department stores are a 2 hour drive away so it’s not like they just run to the store to buy something. I’m not having a shower there, so I miss the opportunity to tell them then, and my future mother-in-law is works swing shifts so she’s not been able to spread the word like we hoped. The rest of our guests are family that we rarely get to talk to. We also want to communicate that we won’t be able to bring gifts back with us on the plane, so we’d like them shipped, available for pick up in the store, or we don’t mind gift cards. We don’t expect everyone to give, so we wanted it to preface it with, "For those interested in gift-giving…" Is it still inappropriate?

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