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Swing Plane – Steep vs Shallow

Jeff Ritter shares some advice on how to adjust your posture to flatten your swing plane!

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ugly top spin on tee shots…help?

I’ve developed this habit of hitting my drives with top-spin so they fly a little way and then dive. Quite often accompanied by a hook. It’s horrible. What to do? I’ve tried tee-ing the ball up higher. Is it my swing plane? Interestingly, when I tee off into the wind the ball seems to fly better. HELP I have to play a tournament tomorrow!

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I am looking for a good driver for a fast golf swing?

I am 13 and i shoot about a 80-90 on TPC four seasons in Dallas(very tough course, used on tour).I have a swing of about 110-120 MPH and i need a good driver that will help me control the ball and be longer off the tee(I am usually 250-270 YARDS of tee). Thanks
Also i usually slice it off the tee rather than hook

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drills that will help me stop topping the ball?


I recently out of no where started swinging on a steep outside-in plane. So I barely hit the ball resulting in the ball rolling about 10 yards and to the left.

Any drills that I can do on the range to stop this non-sense?? Its screwing up my game.

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Deluxe Plane Golf Swing Trainer

The Deluxe Plane Trainer insures that the high handicapper and golfers of all abilities avoid pulling the club too far inside at the start of their back swing which results in dreaded Over the Top move on the down swing. The Duluxe Plane Trainer’s unique design is equally useful to help players who have the opposite problem of starting their back swings outside the proper plane and then come “under” plane, creating an angle of attack from too far inside.

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How can I improve my golf swing?

I do not have money for a lesson, but I want to improve my swing, any ideas how?

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Swing Plane | Getting Stuck | Ask the Expert

TPI Cofounder Dave Phillips answers the following question: “I feel myself standing up during my swing. How can I stop this?”

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Why can’t I hit my irons that far?

I’ve been playing golf for two to three years now. I started by taking lessons from an excellent instructor in the Pinehurst area and have a nice compact smooth looking swing. I have a one plane swing that relies on my body rotation to hit the ball by slinging my upper body through the shot with my hips, and hit the ball straight (most of the time). My driver is fine and I can keep up with the guys I usually play with who hit around 260-290 on average. My irons however are usually 1-3 clubs shorter than they are. It wouldn’t bother me so much but it kills me on the par 3’s when it’s 175 yards and I’m hitting a 4 iron and they’re hitting 6 or 7. I would like to be able to use a more lofted club like that to stick the green rather than watch it hit and roll off the back on these narrow or shallow greens. I just don’t understand the drastic difference in the irons. I use Callaway X-18s that are stock except new grips. Any help, advice, or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Swing Extender Golf Swing Training Aid

The Swing Extender golf swing trainer limits the bend in your right arm to 90 degrees at the top of the golf swing. The Swing Extender also creates a straighter left arm, a better shoulder turn, a wider swing arc & greater golf shot control. Click to purchase:

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Where to buy a very efficient pendulum?

Where can I buy a large pendulum, so I can watch the plane of oscillation change as the earth rotates?

It would, of course, need to be efficient enough to keep going for a few days, and be able to swing in 2 dimensions.

Thanks, Luke

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