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golf swing?

is there any difference in using your 3-iron and your 9-iron, beside the position of the ball?
i try using my same swing but i always end up blading or cutting the ball

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Better Golf Swing

GO To – Better Golf Swing The Simple Golf Swing Review Free golf swing tips and instructions for beginners teaching a Basic GOlf Swing perfect golf swing video, fix golf swing, Golf Swing Trainer and Golf Instruction Golf Lesson The Golf Swing…

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need advice what should i do?

I have been playing really poorly for the last probably two months. I went from a plus 1 handicap to a 5. I am now trending to a 6. I went to my golf coach about 2 and a half weeks ago. He gave me a couple of things to work on. I have been working on these things every day. He is trying to get my back swing slower and my swing more on plane(it was under plane before). Since I have been to him I haven’t hit a good iron shot or drive. My miss is pretty thin. I am hitting my 7 iron about 140 yards now where I was hitting it about 165 before. He is popular golf coach who was in the top 100 in the country. He taught Craig perks and 2 other PGA tour winners. Everyone around town says he is a bad coach because he made a bunch of people underachievers. I am about to lay off for a week and see what happens. Where should I go after this. Should I find a new coach or should I stick with him. Where I’m from there isn’t much in the line of good coaches i really need help.
Yea I am asking others. I WAS a plus one now i’m trending to a 6. I think that is a slight setback. I really appreciate others such as wbaker77 advice because i’m only 16 and he has been around the gave 4x longer than i have been alive

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how can i hit a golf ball further?

ok i am about 511 150 pounds, i work out 5 days a week so im pretty strong. my swing position at the top is good with the club right behind my hands with the club face at the same angle as my hand. down swing im on plane and my golf coach says i get behind the ball really well. now my friend is 62 and 135 pounds, he never works out, he has a pretty good swing but at the top his club face is closed, he can consistantly hit the ball further than me and it looks like he swings easyer than me. why is that and how can i hit it as far as him

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golf swing?

is it alright to try to model your swing off a professional? Or should your swing just be authentic? I’ve been trying to model mine after Geoff Ogilvy for about a year adleast. Is trying to do this a good thing or bad thing in terms of improving and becoming more consistant.

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The Balanced Golfer Swing Trainer Korean

Balance is the most fundamental element of a great golf swing. With good balance you’ll find extra distance, more fairways, and lower scores. If you want to purchase The Balanced Golfer contact

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Time Period?

A circular hoop of radius 49 cm is hung on a narrow horizontal rod and allowed to swing in the plane of the hoop. What is the period in seconds of its oscillation, assuming that the amplitude is small?

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Advice On Harley Davison Golf Carts

From lately, golfers have settled in with sort of a trend to buy Harley Davidson golf carts Harley Davidson golf carts are in demand again. We all know that Harley Davidson addresses for grade as much as golf does. So how did this magnificient combination of the best motorbikes ever and the best sport ever take place?

According to records, Harley Davidson golf carts have got in to the market in 1963. The force behind Harley Davidson golf carts was Willie G joining the Harley Davidson group. The golf carts by Harley Davidson before long became a winner taking over the golf cart industry by a ramp. As of today, Harley Davidson golf carts are venerated for their classic outlook and classy finish.

Harley Davidson golf carts came to the market creating a boom tempting everyone to buy their product without second thought. The colorful golf carts truly became a head turner adding class and enchant to the already exciting sport of golf. Starting off with a three wheeler model, later on Harley Davidson golf carts added a four wheeler model to their collection.

Sadly though, in 1969 the Harley Davidson golf carts together with their golf cart division were sold to American machine and Foundry Company in 1969. Although the novel company covered their businesses under Harley Davidson golf carts name and logo, the thrive shortly passed and they re-sold the business sector to Columbia Par Car in 1982.

With the fate of Harley Davidson golf carts changing dramatically, their demand decreased and the boom died making it a almost forgotten name among golf lovers for another few decades to come. As of now, used Harley Davidson golf carts are once more in demand thanks to their stylish looks, the classy name and the robust nature.

Here are a few precautions that needs to be taken if you are considering buying Harley Davidson golf carts. First of all , you will need to find if these Harley Davidson golf carts are genuine. Many low grade brands have come in to the market with replica Harley Davidson golf carts. So care to point when you make the buy will save you a lot of trouble. The next step is to get a mechanic to check the Harley Davidson golf carts thoroughly. You wouldn t want to expend hundreds of dollars and end up with Harley Davidson golf carts that don t work, right? Thirdly, make sure the condition of the body is up to standard!

Different Types of Golf Wedges

There are two types of wedges to exploit whilst golfing: the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. Whilst your golf club set may possibly turn up with additional wedges, these are the most important and usually used when golfing. To ascertain a golf wedge, all you have to do is gaze at the size of the club in general. Wedges are smaller than other clubs so the golfer can get nearer to the ball to churn out a concise shot. Wedges are not preordained for long distances, but rather for height as well as short shots that move the ball to the green.

While you may be tempted to utilize your wedge at various times during the match, keep in mind that a sand wedge or pitching wedge will just shift your ball approximately one 100 feet. This is why they are used to move the ball toward the green or out of a sand trap.

Pitching wedges are used to get your ball to the green. If you need to make a short shot to the green, using an iron will cause your ball to move further than the green, that will cost you in extra shots. Using a pitching wedge will move you nearer to the hole for the reason that the ball travels higher, but a much shorter distance.

A sand wedge is used frequently to escape sand traps that are nearby the green. Akin to a pitching wedge, you will be able to move the ball about one 100 feet and away from the sand trap. This wedge is moreover superior for dealing with the perils of sand. Learning how to use the sand wedge is vital because if you can’t move the club under the ball, it will not travel as far as you require it to.

When learning how to play golf, you ought to practice via wedges as they can come in handy when you require to be further accurate in your shot. for the reason that a wedge will drive the ball higher in the air than others, you can utilize them to move around certain objects and land closer to the green.

As a golfer, you have to be selective concerning which golf club sets to employ when playing a game. Choosing the wrong club might result in striking the ball too far or too short. If you are uncertain about which clubs to utilize, bear in mind that wedges are intended for short distances only and other clubs will be able to hit the ball much farther.

Golf Swing?

i was at the driving range today & my swing was WAY OFF. i dont know why though. I wasnt hitting the ball, and if i did, i hit the ground. Or it went 10 feet. Why? I have been golfing for 2 months now. What was wrong? Just general ideas here. Thank You.

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