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Does Fred Couples have a one or two plane swing?

Also, who are some PGA players that have two plane swings?

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Why does my back hurt when I swing my golf club?

Why does my back hurt when I swing my golf club? Am I using the right posture or is this normal?

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Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer Review

Review of the Speed Stik golf swing trainer which features a balanced weighted shaft including speed gauge which records your swing speed. The Speed Stik builds strength and fast twitch golf muscles and will increase your club speed 10-15 MPH and lengthen your drives 20 yards if you use it 10 minutes each day.

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swing plane when chipping in golf?

i usually open my stance slightly when chipping.. is it best to swing down the target line or along your feet/shoulder line and open the club face slightly to compensate. or do you just set up square to the target?

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Lisa White 8-6-10 Swing Plane (After)

Improved backswing results in better swing plane and improved spine angle retention. These changes promote a more effortless and cleaner strike.

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What specific muscles are used in a golf swing?

i need the specific muscles. not just ‘forearms’ etc.
all of those answers were worthless. i needed specific.

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Golf Question?

I am a experienced college golfer. My handicap is 7. I currently hit Nike NDS Irons and a Ben Hogan Driver. Whenever I hit these clubs, I pull the ball about 15 yards. Its a little cut but continues to hurt my game. Its not my swing because I know I swing on a even plane.
I believe its the curve on the club. I do not hit Tour Proffessional clubs and I think thats the reason. TP irons and drivers are straight and the reg clubs are curved.
I drive the ball about 285 and my 7 iron I probably hit 165. I am 5-10 175. I swing the club hard. Anyone help me out?

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Video automatic golfswing trainer

Het doel van the automatic swing trainer is om u te helpen het korte spel (90 meter tot de vlag) onder controle te krijgen. Hierbij wordt de filosofie van Dave Pelz gehanteerd. Dit komt erop neer dat je drie soorten slagen hebben voor het korte spel en dat deze de wijzers van een klok volgen: half 7, 9 uur en half 11. Door elke keer exact op dezelfde wijze te swingen heb je met drie wedges 3×3=9 afstanden. Dit schept vertrouwen waardoor je met meer rust achter de bal staat en dat heeft weer een positief effect op het resultaat!

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Would a person with a slow golf swing speed benefit from using a senior flex shaft and a 12 degree driver?

I am currently using a regular flex shaft with a 10.5 degree driver head. I am getting a mid high trajectory and I am leaving the ball out to the right with the regular flex shaft.

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Help calculating tension and magnitude of the centripetal force!!!?

A stone of mass 0.20 kg is attached to an extremely light thread, whose mass can be considered negligible, and swung around a fixed vertical axis Y so that the stone undergoes circular motion in a horizontal plane. The length of thread from the stone to the axis of rotation Y is L = 2.6 m and the thread makes an angle of θ = 73.0 ° to the vertical.

What is the tension in the thread?

What is the magnitude of the centripetal force on the stone?

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