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What part of my golf swing should i focus on to hit the ball clean consistently?

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Love planes but can’t learn to fly?

I love aircraft and it is my biggest hobby, Flight Sim, plane spotting ect. Today i went for my first flying lesson but as soon as we left the ground i could not handle the motion (swing motion feeling) i did not feel sick i could just not handle the feeling and the pilot had to take me back to the runway. I have had this motion feeling all my life and this is why i don’t normally do things that would bring it on but my love of aviation pushed me to take up lessons.

There was part of me that knew i may get the feelings but i am glad i did not chicken out.

I just feel a little let down and upset at the fact i can’t fly aircraft because i love them and the environment so much. (I have no problem as a passenger)

I just wanted to get this off my chest as it happened today and maybe you guys could share your thoughts.

For those wanting to know the feeling, it is the same as you get on a roller coaster or when you go over a bump or on a swing, that feeling in your stomach.

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Golf Swing Lessons – Tips Takeaway Golf Swing: Master Teacher on YouTube Sifu Richard Silva Golf Swing Lesson. Sifu Richard Silva Black Belt and Master Teacher shows you how to develop good biomechanics for your backswing so you get the right motion in your golf swing. The action of a golf swing is a grossly unnatural movement and Sifu shows you how to practice a simple golf swing lesson to help you accurately transfer the different forces throughout your golf swing starting with the backswing. Based on the fundamentals of biomechanics you can quickly learn how to get a consistent takeaway in your golf swing every time you backswing. Thanks for watching. See you out there.

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How to fight a golf slice?

I’ve been having trouble wtih a push and push slice in my golf swing. I’ve been trying to go more inside out but still have problems coming accross my chest….but like many I have a problem pulling my arms accross my chest early thus end up going outside in? Will early release of the club allow my arms to more naturally and easily go from inside out? Havent had a chance to go back to the range since i thought of this? What are you thoughts? Focus on the inside out and hopefully the cllub will realease in time…or focus on the club release and this will promote the inside out plane? Im trying to break the swing down in parts so i can figure this thing out…thanks.
i just went to the range and took a look at my ball flight…I dont think I have a typical slice…more of a push…or the extreme opposite a pull hook…after some research…i dont think i have an outside in swing plane…i think on the downswing i am over the top and am cutting down and accross the ball…so that if my club face is closed ill pull hook it…or if it is open ends up being mostly a push and sometimes slice if the face is extremely open…does this sound right?
Thanks for the help guys…i just got back from the range…after thousands of balls hit at the range…its finally clicked…i didnt have an outside in plane…i was coming down to steep then cutting across or down on the ball then i would pull across my chest….so that if the face was closed i would pull or hook it…if the face was open i would slice or push it…anyhow…figured that if i start from the feet and just let my club fall naturally so that its more sweeping action i would get that coveted in out swing plane…after i made an adjustment to the offset ( i was better with my 7-4 iron…until i understood that the shorter irons had less offset) …i would say 7 out of my 10 balls i had solid contact…the other 3 were either face open or closed…its finally clicked!

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Swing Plane

There are two flaws in the current view points on swing plane; first, they are based upon a model that has a moving center point, and second, the accurate term is a plane of rotation, which is like a tether ball and it’s pole. In order for a 3 dimensional plane of rotation to be created there has to be an anchor point, a line and a space. Your left shoulder is your anchor point. This acts as your axis of rotation or the tether ball pole. The plane that is created when this anchor point is maintained through impact is the natural dynamic of your left side which is an inside-out swing. And that, is the swing path we want.

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Does anyone have any drills to learn how to shoulder turn and follow through in the golf swing?

I do not seem to turn through the ball and it seems when I go into backswing i dont get enough shoulder turn. If I do shoulder turn my left shoulder hits my chin and I feel out of balance.

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Golf Swing Lessons – Get More Power in Your Golf Swing: Master Teacher on YouTube Sifu Richard Silva Golf Swing Lesson. Sifu Richard Silva Black Belt and Master Teacher shows you how to improve your golf swing for more swing power, distance and accuracy using simple martial arts techniques. Learn how to get better balance, posture, and position and deliver more swing power, distance and accuracy than you thought possible to your golf swing. Use these simple golf swing lessons and quick golf tips to learn how to get great results with more swing power delivered to your golf swing in no time at all. Thanks for watching. See you out there.

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Swing Plane Update; Shawn Clement; #1 Most Popular Golf Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement, #1 MOST POPULAR INSTRUCTOR-TEACHER ON YOU TUBE and Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre, CLASS A CANADIAN PGA MEMBER, shows you how to get the most out of your plane like Bubba Watson; for big power AND ACCURACY!

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Who knows pendulum-related physics?

A pendulum consisting of a string of length L=1.85 m attached to a bob of mass m=4.13 kg swings in a vertical plane. When the string is at an angle 16.0 degrees to the vertical, what is the tangential component of acceleration of the bob?

thanks for your help!

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