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Scott Booth – The Correct Swing Plane

This is a video of myself on my explanar showing the correct swing plane using the Explanar teaching aid. It really aids a lot, if you have not had your own session on the Explanar, come into the Pro Shop and we’ll arrange something for you!

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Golf Swing Trainer Review – Vharness – 10-20 yards further

An amateur’s thoughts on his first experience with the Vharness golf training device. His distance improved 10-20 yards with a 7 iron. The Vharness golf training system works with every golf club in your bag. After using the Vharness you will notice that your clubs will become very light. This is due to the isometric workout you get from the Vharness golf swing trainer. For more information about the Vharness, please visit

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Plane shift and pressures- Part 1 Bradley Hughes Golf

a short video using a pen and paper to show how pressures react and what this can show us about the golf swing and the plane we choose to swing on. In part 2 I will go more in depth about relating this to the golf swing when it is in motion. For more information visit

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Scott McCarron DL Slow Motion Golf Swing Video – Jim Hardy “One Plane Swing”

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Golf swing training with Medicus dual hinge driver Develop a great golf swing with Medicus dual hinge swing trainer

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Coach’s Eye: Golf Swing Plane Critique

Owosso Country Club Pro Steve Wakulsky use Coach’s Eye iPhone app to critique the golf swing of TechSmith’s Jim Hidlay. Notice how Coach’s Eye allows for freeze frame and slow-motion video plush synchronized audio narration. This was the very first internal build of Coach’s Eye to include simple drawing (aka telestration). Expect this feature to get way better over the next couple of weeks.

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Mizuno Masterclass: Chris Wood / Swing plane

The 27th and last film in Chris Woods Masterclass series. Let us know if you watched more than one.

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Momentus Swing Trainer Iron Review

Visit to learn more and buy Momentus Swing Trainer Irons at

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Swing Plane Golf Lesson iPhone App

iPhone app Swing Plane Golf Lesson iPhone App with Mark Crossfield. Improve your swing plane and start hitting some better golf shots with your irons and your driver with a improved swing plane. Swing plane is a key fundamental to hitting better golf shots with more consistency. Swing the golf club on plane with this simple golf drill. If you want a golf lesson with Mark Crossfield simply buy the iPhone app from the app store or follow the link at the top of this description, then send Mark your swing and see if you to feature in his next iPhone youtue golf lesson.

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Golf Swing Trainer Vharness Pro

The Vharness golf swing trainer keeps your body aligned throughout your golf swing for a more precise and accurate swing. For more information, visit

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